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The nation’s food supply is in great part supported by large concentrated animal feeding operations, or CAFOs. An unavoidable consequence of CAFOs is the over one billion tons of animal manure produced annually. Ammonia nitrogen losses from manures create health hazards, noxious odors, contaminate waterways, and represent a significant economic loss for the farming system. BioGreen Technologies Inc. is a Colorado-based company with the primary goal of supplying natural zeolites to large-scale, concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs, including dairy cows, beef cattle, swine and poultry) in order to significantly benefit:


  • Animal health – when natural zeolites are included in feeds,
  • Animal health – when natural zeolites are used for bedding,
  • Agricultural crops – when zeolite-enriched manure is used as a fertilizer,
  • Farming systems – by exploiting zeolite’s ammonia-sequestering capabilities to recycle nitrogen on farms and minimize nitrogen loss,
  • Farming systems – utilizing zeolite’s ability to absorb and release up to 70% of its weight in water, and thus, use irrigation water more efficiently.

These and other agricultural benefits natural zeolites provide are extensively documented in the scientific literature (e.g., Pond & Mumpton, 1983, Zeo-Agriculture: Use of natural zeolites in Agriculture and Aquaculture). Natural zeolites have long been used worldwide as a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer for agricultural crops, in the aquarium industry for ammonia control, as a high-quality cat litter, for municipal water and wastewater treatment, and for many other applications. This testifies to their valuable properties and capabilities – which are also very beneficial to CAFOs. This is not new science by any means, but rather generally accepted knowledge that has existed for many decades. What we are proposing, however, is a scale of application never before conceived.


We have structured our website to be informative, educational, and persuasive. In addition to promoting our product’s sales, as Coloradans we are also acutely aware of the environmental damage, high farmer costs and legal liabilities associated with wasteful losses of nitrogen to the environment. BioGreen has the technology and high quality zeolite reserves to make a significant impact on CAFO animal health and manure management.

First, it is important to appreciate What are Natural Zeolites, and then see how their unique properties of ammonia sequestration and hydration/dehydration are beneficial in Zeolites’ Agricultural Benefits – Overview, and specifically when using Zeolites for Animal Feeds and Zeolites for Animal Bedding. CAFOs produce over one billion tons of manure per year, with the environmental issues related to manure disposal outlined in CAFO Manure Management Problems. With this understanding, the section on Zeolites for Agricultural Crops details the numerous benefits for CAFO productivity, health, and economics, while the section on Zeolites for a Healthy Environment highlights regional environmental benefits – for example, odor control and reduced toxic algal blooms – when nitrogen is more effectively recycled on farm. To better explain these concepts, we have added Key Definitions (elaborating on some technical terms), Frequently Asked Questions (including, Why hasn’t this been done already!), and Scientific Support (including representative scientific literature). Finally, we describe the company in About BioGreen, and you can visit the Contact Us page for any questions, comments, and inquiries about the company and potential zeolite purchases.

At BioGreen Technologies we incorporate natural zeolites from feed to field in order to capture biologically produced ammonia for efficient recycling on-farm, and to promote more sustainable, green agriculture and farming systems. Benefits include healthier animals, more efficient nutrient cycling on-farm, economically viable animal waste management, better irrigation water efficiency, and minimized off-farm odors and environmental degradation. We thank you for your interest and due diligence, and welcome your feedback.