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Sustainable CAFO farming systems

Sustainable animal husbandry and agricultural farming systems maintain or enhance the economic viability of the agricultural production and natural resource base, while also minimizing the degradation of surrounding ecosystems influenced by these activities.

Some fundamental principles of sustainable agriculture include:

  • Long-term farm productivity and economic viability of the farming operation, while producing sufficient high-quality and safe foods
  • Minimizing adverse impacts to the environment and existing ecosystems
  • Minimizing the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides
  • Maximizing the net economic and social benefit by protecting the health and safety of farm workers and local communities

Utilizing natural zeolites in animal feed, animal bedding, and animal manure management achieves all of the goals listed above for sustainable agriculture. Recycling NeutrientsCapturing ammonia emissions at the source allows for more efficient nitrogen recycling and minimizes the negative animal and human health impacts, the economic wastefulness, and the serious environmental degradation of our air and water. In addition, zeolite-enriched manure is a value-added organic fertilizer that provides numerous economic and agricultural benefits compared with the application of unprocessed manures or synthetic fertilizers (see Zeolites for Agricultural Crops).

Simply stated, introducing natural zeolites to CAFOs and associated agricultural systems promotes economic and production sustainability and provides greater environmental protection to the surrounding community.